Justin Hall

Creative Developer, Tech Enthusiast, Digital Artist, Agile Coach.

The reason for a blog is to break away from social media’s echo chambers. I want my content to make an impact for me. This blog will enable both expression and interaction that can’t be achieved by and large within only one or two social media platforms. I am on many social media platforms, but yet none do a better job of binding them all together than a website.

This site is also a portfolio to showcase the projects I wish to share and promote. This site is powered by Jekyll and hosted at GitHub. The theme includes a resume template. Feel free to grab the PDF, but note it is a dynamic entity and will evolve.

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blog, a portfolio, and a resume.

Why a Blog

I want to blog more on a platform of my choosing that meets the needs that I have. The solution is to create an environment and utilize a technology that is malleable. Not every blog post should be alike and not every blog post should not be so unique that it costs a lot to produce. My intention is to use this site to communicate my efforts and expressions more freely.

Why a Portfolio

My portfolio continues to grow. Up to now it has primarily grown undocumented. It also has been poorly utilized. I plan to use it to communicate my passion and document all of the efforts I’ve been involved with over the past 18 years of working as a creative in tech.

A Printable Resume

Get this resume while it’s hot! PDF. How can I serve you?

Resume PDF A print resume.

A Personal Site That Belongs to You

Hydejack is 100% built on Open Source software, and is Open Source itself. Contact me if you want a site similar to mine to promote your efforts.