New Website

Really, I’ve missed blogging.

The image above is from Internet Archives. I used to blog because it was new and fun.

A new website usually means a lot of discovery and ideation about audience and content. Usually it means recognizing patterns, analyzing data, setting goals, realizing budgets or milestones, and formalizing a strategy to move out smartly. Still, after best efforts and best laid plans things can take on a life of their own and introduce various turns and twists on the way to the first iterative release. The team and the mission can look long and tiring. Often times the project just becomes unrecognizable.

Well, this wasn’t one of those projects. One reason it wasn’t one of those projects was because I had the right expectations. I had the right mindset in building this site with a passion and relying on practice instead of a plan up front. It was truly an agile effort. My goal is to let it breath and let it mature as needed. It doesn’t have to be perfect on day one, but here it is day one and it is perfect for what I need.

So without delay I grabbed a cool Jekyll theme called Hydejack, revised some of the configs for the site, setup GitHub to host with GitHub pages, produced some content, and violla, here we are.



Really, I’ve missed blogging. I have used the social media sites that are so easy to use and are so robust with features, just like mostly everyone else. It is hard to leave those sites just because of sheer numbers. Well, I haven’t necessarily left, but instead of using social media as a primary source where my content lives, I’m going to take control of my bits and use social media to announce new content and updates to my site.

Does that mean no YouTube videos? No. I plan to embed the videos on the site.

Does that mean no Instagrams? No. I plan to embed the instagrams on the site.

Does that mean no comments via Facebook? No. I plan to use Disqus and Facebook comments.

Does that mean…. well, what it means is that I want more control of how I use and position content on my site. I know there will be a potential for lower exposure. I understand the risk of creating a ton of content that no one sees or consumes. The pros and cons have been thought thru. Truth is, I wasn’t really participating too much in social media anyways. It took away my time looking at other things that were not as important. It just didn’t appeal to me to use those sites as a primary source to display creativity.


The one area that I have not done enough in my career is documenting my involvement with ongoing efforts in creativity and technology. I’ve participated in a few battles and for some reason I didn’t think enough about them to document the results. I was a little too humble and that approach affected my reputation negatively. Without sounding like a brag or a “this is all about me”, which it sort of is, but with the right attitude behind the effort, I believe the value of providing information about the projects I’m developing will have an impact.


Having a site to experiment with and use as a playground that is easy to update and extend will have short term and long term values. The tech landscape is growing and not one developer is truly a full stack developer. No one artist knows all of the tips and tricks in producing digital art. No one person is master at all within their domain of expertise in software development. The field is just too big. To be relevant and continue to learn as a creative I plan to use this site to showcase what I can do and what others are doing that I can learn from and utilize.